Harris Art Gallery

Original Oil Paintings of Professional Portrait Painter Suzan Visser-Offereins (Willem de Kooning Academy-Rotterdam), also Sheep, Birds, Landscapes. Gallery open when the sign is out, or please call to make an appointment.

South Harris Art Gallery

Harris Art Gallery

As a portrait painter my aim is to capture the essence of that person, the laughter and pureness of a child, the royal aura of a Queen.

Painting a landscape is painting the atmosphere.

When not open, please give us a call 01859 520315, Welcome!



puffins in oilPainting a landscape is the essence of the atmosphere, which can be a cold, rainy day or storm lashing the coast or light putting sun on the white sands of Scarista beach.

Sketching is getting to this essence without too much detail, like painting horses, or painting action.

Tel: 01859 520315
Email: suzan.offereins@hotmail.com
Web: www.harrisartgallery.com